Sci-Fi Mystery Breached gets release date

Breached is a genre-bending sci-fi mystery from the folks at Drama Drifters and will luanch on June 22. It’s a fairly quick experience, with a single play-through lasting about 2 hours, during which you’ll need to scavenge the land and attempt to uncover the truth of what caused the ruin of this settlement… the only catch being that you only have enough oxygen to last 8 days. Additional playthroughs may help shed more light on the mystery.

About Breached

You awaken as Corus Valott, long lost in cryogenic slumber, to find your shelter damaged by unknown circumstances. The land and settlements around you have crumbled to ruin, broken buildings and jagged shards all that remains. Confused and isolated, you’re compelled to repair the shelter, explore the ruins and scavenge your surroundings, in hopes of uncovering – or perhaps avoiding – the uncomfortable truth of what has transpired.

The game is scheduled for release on Steam and other digital distributors on June 22.

Breached blends a range of genres and gameplay elements, including:

Data Mining
Guide Corus through his journal and pilot his mind. Explore previous entries by linking tags, helping Corus decipher his thoughts.

Drone Expeditions
The environment has many stories to tell. Pilot drones to scavenge deserted locations, but beware of anomalies.

Puzzle Solving
Combine materials you’ve scavenged to repair your shelter and maximize fuel generation to aid in your survival.

Energy Management
You have enough oxygen to last 8 days. Choose your actions carefully or risk suffocation.

• Experience an offbeat blend of genres
• Dive into a complex sci-fi story with a wealth of mysteries to solve
• Enjoy Unreal Engine 4-powered visuals with sci-fi and glitch aesthetics

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