Sengoku Dynasty Releases Its First Story-Driven CGI Trailer

Sengoku Dynasty has exclusively revealed its first story-driven trailer at this year’s Future Games Show, giving fans of the Dynasty series an opportunity to see Sengoku’s first story-driven CGI trailer.

An all-new adventure set against the backdrop of a Japan ravaged by famine and war, Sengoku Dynasty invites players to rise from a simple peasant to become a legend, as they secure their legacy and build their Kingdom.

Historically accurate and faithfully recreated alongside Japanese historians, players will need to choose the path of a charismatic leader, skilful craftsman, famed warrior or a spiritual master if they’re to succeed. For the first time in the Dynasty series players also won’t have to do it alone: Sengoku Dynasty offers a unique co-op mode that supports up to 4 players. As a host, players can invite friends or random players into their world and with their help, they can build, complete quests and fight challenging enemies to earn unique rewards.

Set against a stunning range of biomes, Sengoku Dynasty sees players explore ancient forests and snowy mountain peaks, to serene cherry groves and mist-covered hot springs. The open world in Sengoku Dynasty is vast, beautiful and filled with a range of foes to fight against.

As players expand their influence across their Kingdom, they’ll be able to trade, forge romances, start a family, build a community and manage their villagers. They’ll need to master key techniques to not only survive, but also meet their communities needs. Whether that’s by creating new tools, lodges or even mastering traditional Japanese weaponry, it will all be necessary to see your Kingdom thrive.

Sengoku Dynasty will be entering Early Access on PC later this year and can be wishlisted on Steam.

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