“SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell” Coming July 28

A month ago the demo of SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell was released and by now more than 1.5 Million (virtual) deaths are recorded – it proved that it is indeed a bastard child of Quake 3 and Super Meat Boy! The hell-ish speedrunner will be available on July 28.

Till now more than 300 YouTubers played the SEUM demo and also some well known guys of the games industry:

Markiplier indeed took first place!

What an amazing game!”
Rami Ismail, Vlambeer

“Great game… you guys are assholes! :)”
Cliff Bleszinski, Boss Key

About SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is the world’s only competitive heavy metal first-person platformer. Like an unholy child of Quake 3 and Super Meat Boy, SEUM is truly hardcore and focuses on speed and fast reactions. Race across and jump over platforms and bounce pads while shooting fireballs as you battle to reach an exit portal in the mimiumum amount of time. Reverse time and gravity. Compete with all players for top times in the online high score ladder. Only the toughest players will receive the Uber Skull medals!

If mind-blowing speed and adrenaline blasting its way through your bodyseems too boring for your speed running blitzkrieg, then search for the beer cans hidden in each level. Who knows which secrets can be discovered by finding all of these delicious refreshments?


  • Can’t get much more old school than this!
  • 100 levels, each more devilish than the last, with secrets around every corner.
  • Shoot fireballs, reverse gravity, teleport and dodge obstacles to solve challenges.
  • Leaderboards in each level so you can see how you fare against your friends (and enemies).
  • Original soundtrack that’ll have you tearing through the levels with blazing speed.
  • \m/
  • 666

Warning: SEUM has been known to cause leaning disease. Symptoms are irrational leaning forward towards your screen when making difficult jumps. Smashing monitors with your head is not a way to beat the game!

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