Shadow of the Serpent Event Now Live in EVE Online

The latest EVE Online release has brought lots of game improvements and the latest massive in-game event, the Shadow of the Serpent, where CONCORD has declared newly revealed Serpentis pirate sites as freely salvageable for great rewards if defeated.

As reports of a new breed of capital ships under construction in the Serpentis home region of Fountain reach critical levels, threatened organizations take action.

The Scope Network now acts as a broker between capsuleers and powerful empire corporations in New Eden. The dawn of a new age promising great opportunities is on the horizon, new challenges and new rewards for loyal and capable pilots.

For an overview of the June 2016 EVE Online release, visit the EVE Updates site glorious spaceship graphics and videos at the EVE Updates site and check out this feature overview video.

The SCOPE Network reports on the Serpentis.

EVE Online‘s Executive Producer provides an update to players.

Also in the June 2016 EVE release:

  • Serpentis Faction Capital Ships, SKINs, and implants
  • Citadel Expansion iterations including redemption, direct trade, and character customization in citadels, and the ability to set them as an autopilot waypoint
  • Multifit, which allows players to fit more than one ship at the same time
  • New Player Experience Improvements which offer clearer instructions, better flow, and meaningful context
  • Visual Effects Updates: secondary lighting in hangars and ship boosters, stargate visuals, and changes to several modules and black ops cynosaural field beacons
  • New Docking Transitions provide dramatic views of ships entering and leaving stations
  • Legalized Combat Boosters across the cluster
  • Further information in patch notes

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