‘Shadows of Kurgansk’ Horror Adventure Game terrorizes Steam in Early Access launch

Russian indie developer Yadon Studio announced today that Shadows of Kurgansk, a horror survival game, is now available in early access for Windows PC, Mac and Linux for Steam. Published with support from Gaijin inCubator, Shadows of Kurgansk is a single-player horror adventure experience that tests players’ survival skills as they must find a way to survive with their sanity intact. Shadows of Kurgansk is available July 14th and priced at $14.99/£10.99/€14.99 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/463860

“Shadows of Kurgansk is our latest project supported by Gaijin inCubator  that was established to help fund indie developers with unique game ideas,” said Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, creators of the epic WWII military simulation game War Thunder. “Being able to offer our development expertise and publishing knowhow helps smaller independent developers, such as Yadon Studio, navigate their way from the earliest creative stages all the way through the clutter of mobile and digital distribution channels. The inCubator initiative provides them with a viable launch pad to achieve their goals.

In Shadows of Kurgansk players must survive for as long as possible, travelling deep into the “Zone”, which a mysterious and apocalyptic environment full of flesh eating creatures and unpredictable anomalies that could drive your character insane. Players will have to solely rely on their own skills and fortitude to hunt and gather food and supplies, establish contact with other survivors, and build structures for storage and shelter.

Survival necessitates the careful search for materials, through a nightmarish landscape filled with abandoned research facilities and secret military bases. Collect Skill points and various artifacts to use to craft tools. With more than 100 tool instruction documents, players have plenty of strategic possibilities such as firearms, dynamite and healing medicine as they face off multiple hazards such as rogue military units, the undead and other ghoulish threats.

Shadows of Kurgansk offers three gameplay modes, from casual to hardcore survival which will test gamers’ limits. Story mode provides more than 10 hours of gameplay wrapped inside of a detailed plot. Adventure mode allows players to complete challenging requests, while Survival modes test player skill and patience.

About Shadows of Kurgansk

Shadows of Kurgansk is a single player horror survival title that transports players into a dark and hostile environment called the Zone, challenging them to escape the haunted area sane and alive. Dangerous enemy attacks are the least of your concern compared to the real nightmares that await: a wrong foot in the quest to escape can lead to anomalies that can slow players down, drive them insane or even kill them. When the night kicks in, keeping sanity levels intact gets even harder as more eerie creatures set out on the hunt for human flesh. The character might starve to death or be driven insane unless the player exploits resources in the environment and improves their character. Needless to say, the Zone will never be a safe place to hide, therefore players must find a way out of it as quickly as possible. Search, hunt and discover to stay alive.

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