Skyforge Frequencies Expansion Featuring Brand-New Class the Soundweaver; Sets the Stage to Go Off-Planet

Produced by, the brand-new “Distant Frequencies” expansion debuts – The Soundweaver, adding to the ever-growing roster of class choices for action MMO Skyforge. Following up multiple hit releases, the new support class can rely on its profound musical talent to inspire all around. Raining down powerful sounds on their enemies, The Soundweaver sets up portable loudspeakers on the battlefield to simultaneously amp up their allies’ morale. Players can look forward to taking center stage and unleashing fiery guitar solos. The new free “Distant Frequencies” expansion is already available to  rock the interstellar theatres for Skyforge PC, Playstation 4 and on Xbox One.

The expansion will contain hints of larger things at play. A strange gravitational phenomenon occurred in space and players will be able to take part in the investigation of its origins. An all-new trailer introduces The Soundweaver as part of an expedition team touring an unknown piece of rock and revealing new species. The investigation of the phenomenon needs completion before players themselves are able to go on the interstellar campaign following “Distant Frequencies” sometime in in 2019.

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