Skyforge The Risen Exiles and Free PS Plus Packs Available

Three more Classes, new Zones and all-new gameplay modes

The Risen Exiles, an entirely free expansion adding three more classes to unlock in the award-winning action MMO Skyforge, released today on the PlayStation 4. Unlock and experience the deadly power of the Necromancer, balanced strength of the Monk, and dark spells of the Witch. Players can rise from exile today by downloading the free expansion for the PlayStation store and take on new endgame challenges in the Tacid Dunes, mastering the new dungeons alone or with their friends. Also, all competitive immortals are invited to ready themselves for deadly conflicts with the addition of  new 10 player versus 10 player battlegrounds.

The three new classes are available in a bundle that unlocks them instantly (EU Storepage) (NA – availble from 9 AM PDT)

An Immortal gift:

From today on, the Allods team has an exceptional gift in the PlayStation store for Plus users that are connected to this network. The free pack in the store grants Immortals the Patriot Formal Armor, one thousand argents and 3 days of Premium. Skyforge does not require PlayStation Plus for players that want to explore everything that the game world Aelion has to offer.


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