SOEDESCO partners with Monstercat for powerful music in Xenon Racer

Today, SOEDESCO announced that they’re teaming up with the leading independent EDM record label Monstercat, for the music of futuristic arcade racing game Xenon Racer.

The futuristic feel and adrenaline-pumping speeds of Xenon Racer are a perfect match with the spirited electro, dubstep, glitch-hop and house music produced by Monstercat’s artists. Xenon Racer will feature 20 tracks by established artists from the electronic music scene, such as Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B and Melano, as well as Grant, FWLR, Tokyo Machine and Noisestorm.

Gavin Johnson, Head of Gaming at Monstercat, expresses his excitement: “At Monstercat, we are always looking to empower new games created by passionate developers to create new stages for our artists. With the launch of Xenon Racer, we are looking forward to helping fuel the races with our talented artist’s music.”

Bas de Jonge, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO, is also thrilled: “We’re stoked to have Monstercat music in Xenon Racer that fits so well with the futuristic arcade look and feel of the game. We’re happy to be able to provide talented artists with an opportunity to bring their music to racing fans worldwide, especially with a label that’s so active in the gaming scene.”

Xenon Racer, developed by 3DClouds, is coming both digitally and physically to PlayStation®4 and PS4 Pro, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch™ and Steam®.

The complete track list:

  1. Bubble Beam by nanobii
  2. How We Win by FWLR
  3. Nova by Rameses B
  4. Virtuality by Rameses B
  5. We Are One by Flite
  6. Mimic by Droptek
  7. Don’t Fight It by Melano
  8. Leaving Now by Noisestorm
  9. Comeback by Bossfight & Falcon Funk
  10. BUBBLES by Tokyo Machine
  11. Starship by Grant
  12. BLAST by Tokyo Machine
  13. HYPE by Tokyo Machine
  14. Bring Me Joy by Pegboard Nerds & lug00ber
  15. Traveller by Melano
  16. Elevate by Rootkit
  17. Transmission from Lemuria by Varien
  18. Spring Snow by CloudNone
  19. If We Never by Aiobahn & Vin
  20. Glow by Richard Caddock

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