Space Rangers: Quest coming to PC and mobile

1C announces throughout the galaxy that it will be publishing Space Rangers: Quest. This nostalgic sci-fi text adventure with RPG elements, set in the world of the Space Rangers, will be released on iOS on August 27th 2016, and on Android and Windows PC on September 5th 2016.

For over a decade the Space Rangers franchise has kept their fans entertained with diverse gameplay, all different kinds of quests, and a humor dry as the Martian desert. The games are mostly independent of each other story-wise, but are all set in the same universe and follow roughly the same story line, and have managed to surprise their players with gameplay fused together from several wildly different genres. The universe of the Space Rangers has always offered a vast area to explore, and with its RPG elements and non-linear gameplay, offers high replay value and dozens of hours of space exploration fun and thrills.

Now, the developers of Space Rangers: Quest are boldly going where many have gone before – recreating the classic genre of text adventures to allow modern gamers to experience the nostalgia with this loose sequel to the previous Space Rangers games. As in all text-adventures, players are urged to use the mighty computing power of their imagination, while the game supplies graphical hints to cradle the atmosphere of deep space exploration. The vastness of the galaxy is yours to explore, with various quests, randomly-generated events and three different play styles based on your character’s livelihood. Travelling through the universe, players will cross paths with friend and foe alike, upgrade their ship and build their character, in order to rid the galaxy of a new growing threat…

About the game

Choose your ship and set off on a journey research the origin of a new threat and defend organic life in the universe. But don’t expect to be hailed as a hero right away – the life of a Ranger is full of danger! Your credits and acclaim will be hard-earned, doing dirty and mostly illegal work. But if you can find all the parts of the space maps, then you’ll gain access to the entire galaxy. Search for them in the feebly-explored void of vast interstellar gulfs, on board treacherous space stations and buried on remote planets.

Random events mean many encounters are unique chances to make new friends and kill old enemies, as well as potential threats that may cost you more than just your money. There are many life forms in the universe, some intelligent, some super-intelligent, and some… just plain stupid.

For a fearless explorer, the world of Space Rangers: Quest offers a wide range of unique opportunities. Like, being fleeced and blasted out of airlocks by pirates, deceived and embarrassed by sexy holograms, chased by vivid hallucinations, or best of all, obliterated by insane, killer robots.

  • Classic sci-fi saga combining the thrill of text adventures and RPG levelling
  • Diverse quests ranging from puzzle-solving to ruthless battles
  • Explore a vast universe full of random events
  • 3 different play styles provide high replay value

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