Steel Division 2 shows off new features in gameplay video

Renowned French independent studio Eugen Systems (R.U.S.E., Wargame series) has today released a brand-new video and screenshots showing new features and gameplay for Steel Division 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning real-time strategy title Steel Division: Normandy 44.

Set on the Eastern Front of World War II in 1944, Steel Division 2 will find players taking command of vast armies during Operation Bagration, covering the Soviet counter-attack against Axis forces in Byelorussia. Following its debut reveal and behind-closed-doors press preview at gamescom 2018, the new trailer shows some of the many new features in development for Steel Division 2.

The trailer kicks off with the new Armory, a beautifully realized staging ground where players can review up close the 600 historically accurate units featured in Steel Division 2. The video also lifts the veil on Steel Division 2’s new turn-based Dynamic Strategic Campaigns, allowing prospective commanders to take charge of an entire army corps, deploy units, manage supplies and reinforcements.

Key Features:

  • Brand-new turn-based Dynamic Strategic Campaigns
  • New setting, the Eastern Front, with the mighty Red Army and Axis powers
  • Over 600 historically accurate units across 18 new divisions
  • Realistic battlefields spread across 25 different maps
  • Substantial changes to the deck building mechanics
  • New, realistic art direction to deliver a more immersive visual style
  • Revamped combat offering a more refined tactical experience
  • Host of game modes, offline and online, including co-op and massive 10v10 multiplayer battles

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