Stellar Overlord announces early access date

Cubical Drift, an-up-and coming French independent video game studio, today announced that the steam early access version of Stellar Overload will be available on October 12. Formerly known as Planets³, the adventure game set on cubical planets generated a $300,000 backing on Kickstarter, is supported by a community of more than 20,000 players around the globe, recently received funding grant from Epic Games in recognition of the game’s innovative use of Unreal Engine, and is now ready to launch on the Steam platform.

Stellar Overload is a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets which centers around a block-thrower-equipped, jetpack-wearing hero who fights evil in open and procedural voxel worlds. Combining clean FPS gameplay with unlimited construction and design phases of all kinds, the game also has a creative mode offering a sandbox experience where every cubical eccentricity imaginable is possible.

A personalized gaming experience, Stellar Overload allows players to build their own cubical worlds where they can build, paint, or alter entire sections of wall and copy/paste objects in single player or co-op mode. Additionally, the game offers RPG elements such as harvesting resources for equipment improvement and advanced day/night cycles and mood/brightness levels for planets which can be altered by players.

Passionate gamers themselves, Cubical Drift built Stellar Overload to satisfy demanding gamers. That’s why they built an evolutionary game which can open up several worlds for gamers and be customized. To make this happen, Cubical Drift will add planets, enemies, tools, equipment, and many other features to the game over time once the early access version is released.

“The team at Cubical Drift is every bit as passionate about Stellar Overload and gaming as the community which plays our game,” said Michel Thomazeau, founder and CEO of Cubical Drift. “We wanted to stay true to that and tried to deliver a game that would be like us, like our vision of gaming: fun, offering freedom of action and endless possibilities.”

Gamers can find the early access version of Stellar Overload on Steam October 12.


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