Super Seeker ! has a Early Access on STEAM

Ennui Studio, an indie video game company is glad to announce
the launch of the game “Super Seeker!” in collaboration with Webble Games an video game studio based in the Netherlands and it’s directed by the super star of youtube Kwebbelkop.
The game is inspired by the good old “Hide n Seek” and be available on November 11th 2018 on Steam Early Access. The price is set to be only $2.99 USD!!!
P2P quick action battles between Hiders and Seekers up to 8 vs 8 players per match. Matches can be started both private and public.
Play as a Hider and take your team to the victory by avoiding being spotted by the seekers or play as a Seeker and take down all Hiders in the match.
Hiders have the ability to transform in almost any prop in the scenario while in the last minute they have access to all the weapon systems that Seekers have as well, to avenge their fallen friends!
Seekers have a variety of weapons to take down the Hiders and a very useful radar to help find the nearest Hider.
Finishing each quick match earns player “Seeker Points” based on the match results, and the points can be used to personalise the character and the C-K3R.
For Early Access
64+ outfit combinations to fully customize your character. (Only available during Early Access first week)

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