Superluminal releases next-generation performance profiler

Superluminal announces today the global release of their flagship product – Superluminal Performance – which re-imagines the way software developers approach software optimization.

In modern game and software development, software optimization is a labor intensive and costly process, caused by a combination of inadequate tools and manual processes. Game studios spend approximately 15% of total programmer time for a given project on optimization, according to the startup’s co-founders. With its new product, Superluminal aims to decrease this time by a quarter by making the process much more accessible and efficient.

Superluminal has been designed from the ground up to assist with the workflows typically followed by programmers as they optimize their software. With zero integration time required, it allows the user to immediately gather profiling data after installing. Existing software packages give their user close to ‘raw’ data that the user must interpret themselves. In contrast, Superluminal has a strong emphasis on presenting data visually in a way that is immediately usable and actionable for the user. For example, the notoriously challenging task of utilizing CPU cores as efficiently as possible is greatly simplified by the way multi-core thread interactions are visualized graphically, giving the user an instant overview of how their application utilizes the available CPUs.

As co-founder Jelle van der Beek explains, “We built the tool that I wished I had during the past two decades. I’ve been developing games for 20 years for almost all possible platforms. During all these projects, content was pushed to the maximum and it was the programmer’s herculean task to bring performance within specifications, within time. A stressful and difficult task that could have been much more efficient and enjoyable with the proper tools.”

Modern software projects can easily consist of millions of lines of code and will only continue to grow in complexity in the future. At the same time, users demand fast and responsive software – whether that’s

games running at the target framerate or web browsers that need to load pages as quickly as possible – increasing the pressure on software developers to optimize their software.

Says co-founder Ritesh Oedayrajsingh Varma, “We’re intimately familiar with what programmers need to effectively optimize their software. Existing tools used to investigate performance problems have barely changed over the past few decades and have adapted poorly to modern highly-scalable, multi- core, applications. We took a step back and asked ourselves what a profiler would look like if it was invented today.”

Superluminal is out now worldwide and we are happy to tell you more about it.

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