Survive the Godforsaken World of “Dead Age”

July 11th, 10 am (PDT): International media report about an unknown disease. Scattered individuals moan about gaps in memory, followed by highs of adrenaline. Infected people react extremely aggressive and attack other citizens.

July 12th, 8 pm (PDT): Scientist are baffled. There seems to be no effective treatment. Several cities are in a state of emergency. The government advises all people to stay at home.

July 13th, 4 pm (PDT): Hospitals are reporting that dead bodies suddenly revive.
Virus expert Dr Foster: “Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!”
The church declares: “Hell is overflowing. And Satan is sending his dead to us.”

July 13th, 10 pm (PDT): There is no government anymore. People flee from the cities. Hordes of the undead are walking all over the world. Is this the end?

July 14th, 9 am (PDT): Welcome to DEAD AGE!

The zombie hordes are approaching and mankind faces the abyss of doom… Will you join the bereaved and help them to fight and survive the apocalypse?
There is no state, no law to protect humanity and only a few survivors are left in this hell on earth.

Dead Age, the indie survival-RPG with turn-based combat, non-linear story and permanent death will be launched as an exclusive PC Early Access title on STEAM today.

The game will be available at a price of 14.99 USD/EUR, with a temporary 20% launch discount. A final release is planned for September 2016.

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