Tainted Grail adds a completely new “Conquest” game mode and gets ready to launch on Steam Early Access, June 25th!

The Early Access version of Tainted Grail includes not one, but two games. The first is the beginning of a regular single-player campaign, offering around three hours of gameplay. The second, Tainted Grail: Conquest, is a new game mode combining hardcore RPG mechanics with a dynamic gameplay experience taken from the roguelike genre.

“There’s one main rule we follow when creating our boardgames: gameplay is king. So, we wanted to deliver the same great experience in the digital version of Tainted Grail. Working closely with the community is the only way to achieve that, thus the need for an Early Access release,” said Kamil Krupiński, producer of Tainted Grail.

“At the same time, developing an RPG while people are already playing it has certain challenges, because we’re constantly adding new ideas, features, and gameplay mechanics to the game. This could potentially lead to a situation where you’re dozens of hours into the game, and we add a side quest that can only be triggered through a choice you make during the first couple of minutes of playing. You’d be deprived of a chance to see this new quest, ‘punished’, in a way, for supporting us. We were looking for a way to avoid these kinds of situations and eventually came up with a solution. We decided to deliver not one but two separate games within a game: a fragment of the single-player campaign so that you know what we’re aiming for, and the ‘Conquest’ mode being a unique RPG and roguelike combination, that you can play, well, endlessly.” Krupiński added.

Those that like to go deep into development details can also learn more about this game mode in the Awaken Realm’s blog post available under the following link: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1199030/view/2202768523867631939.

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