Talent Not Included Coming to Xbox One

Frima’s humor-filled action-combat platformer game Talent Not Included is coming to Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, in early 2017.


As developers, we really care about the comfort of our players.

So, naturally, we wondered:

  • What would two people need to fight an enemy together?
  • What’s missing in the game?
  • What isn’t an armchair, but almost?

To all these questions, we found one answer: a couch. The PC is an awesome platform, don’t get us wrong. But… who sits on a couch when gaming on a PC?

The solution seemed obvious: the game needed to be ported to Xbox One. A big TV screen, a controller for everyone, a good old couch, and voilà! Zordok, Derp and Kevin better watch out, because, as the unknown saying goes, “Well seated are the victorious.”


  • Enjoy a good fight while sitting cozily next to your ally
  • Sit down, relax, and let yourself slip into a madcap theatrical universe
  • Laugh comfortably
  • Enjoy the cylindrical scrolling platforms
  • Did we mention the part about being well seated?

PLATFORM AND PRICE: Xbox One, $12.99

LAUNCH: Early 2017

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