Tales of Thorn: Global Hits Mobile Stores Today

Mobile game developer Wanda Cinemas Games today announced that its popular, adrenaline fueled roleplaying title, Tales of Thorn: Global, is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Featuring a gorgeous Japanese and Korean paper doll art style, Tales of Thorn draws players in for its thrilling battles, massive gear loots and advanced character progression that replaces the usual class system in ARPGs with different weapons.

Tales of Thorn has been received very well by players in Southeast Asia as well as European test markets and we are excited to finally offer it to mobile players in the West as well,” said Kevin Cai from Wanda Cinema Games. “What sets it apart from other titles in the roleplaying genre is our advanced character progression, which utilises various weapons so players can create unique skill combos to suit their own play style. We hope ARPG fans will immerse themselves in the beautiful Tales of Thorn world and can’t wait to hear what they think!”

Tales of Thorn features advanced character progression, offering customization and a target lock-free combat system that allows players to combine their weapons to unleash powerful combos. Gamers can immerse themselves in the robust PvE single player mode or choose from a number of multiplayer options, such as Tower of Honor (3v3), The Hunt (2 players) or Boss Trail (4 players).

For cross-server arena battle fans, Tales of Thorn features a unique and innovative PvP experience in a balanced arena system where both high and low-level players are recalibrated to even the playing field. While massive gear loots enable players to equip their character with numerous weapons and cosmetic items, the multiplayer modes in Tales of Thorn really come down to control skills and combat strategies.

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/talesofthornglobal

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