Talk, Solve and Escape now in ‘We Were Here Too’!

Total Mayhem Games, the creators of the highly successful We Were Here announce the release of their new cooperative puzzle adventure We Were Here Too on Steam.

You’re trapped in a frozen medieval fortress with only your wits, a walkie-talkie, and one other player on the same wavelength who is caught up in the same mess. Stranded deep in the Antarctic wastes, there is no help coming for the two of you. All you can do is talk to each other and explore your separate sections of the castle. Communication is everything in this suspenseful thriller story.

We Were Here Too is available for Windows, Mac, SteamOS and Linux via Steam for $9.99.

There is also a Supporter Edition available for $14.99 which will include the original soundtracks from We Were Here and We Were Here Too, a unique walk-talkie skin, vivid background wallpapers, and a special border around your name in the multiplayer lobby.

The Story of We Were Here
Whether or not you’ve played a We Were Here game before, you can leap into We Were Here Too and start unravelling the secrets of Castle Rock, the Antarctic fortress at the heart of the series. The game sees players take the role of Antarctic explorers lost in a storm and running out of time. A mysterious castle emerging from the blizzard offers a lifeline, but the two explorers are separated as they enter. Inside, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary ruin… and that there is no ordinary way out.

Trapped in different parts of the castle, you and a coop partner will need to be each other’s eyes and ears as you endeavour to escape. Every puzzle requires communication to solve – you can talk to each other, or you can stay trapped forever.

We Were Here, the prequel of the episodic series, was released February 2017 for free on Steam. It offers more of the coop puzzle challenge seen in We Were Here Too, as well as tantalizing details about the history of Castle Rock.

According to Project Lead Lucia de Visser: “We Were Here was intended to test the waters and see how many people would be interested in a challenging cooperative adventure. Needless to say, the positive reaction blew us away!”

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