Tame the Weird and Wild World of Plasticine Multiplayer Survival Game Disdoored on Steam on May 31

A glorious plasticine paradise in peril awaits its saviour. Only one kneadable knight can save the world from impending doom! On May 31, 2018, join in our plasticine protector’s fight for freedom from the dastardly Doors and restore peace to the land of Disdoored.

Developer Anton Riot and publisher Bitbox Ltd. — creators of Life is Feudal — invite you on an adventure the likes you’ve never seen. Disdoored is a 100% handmade and hand-animated game, created using over 20 lbs of plasticine by Anton and his team of merry molders.

After the sudden appearance of mysterious Doors that summoned cruel claymation creatures, single-mindedly bent on disrupting the peace, it is up to a malleable hero — and a magical plant with the secret to the Doors’ destruction — to save its people. By yourself or with the help of up to three friends, set up camp, farm the land, explore the procedurally generated world, cultivate and upgrade wild creature companions, amass an arsenal of weapons and — this part is really important — survive!
Key Features:

  • To Arms! Become a one-dough-man army, equipped with a bevy of armaments. With a slew of devastating weapons — including the Legendary Popcorn Gun (TLP to its friends), you can become the ultimate fighting force.
  • Or to Farm…s? Farm the land peacefully, growing an assortment of crops that may or may not grow up to become blood-thirsty, man-eating pumpkins.
  • Adventure is knocking at your Door! Valuable artifacts, devastating weapons, helpful items, and possibly death await anyone brave enough to explore the mysterious Doors.
  • That Snail is…Lactating! Find clay creatures to defend you against the dangers of the wild or produce goods to help you on your journey. Upgrade their aggression, size productivity through the power of slimeballs! Create wild new species — like a snail that gives milk, because that’s just how this world goes, you see — there are plenty of combinations to discover!

Disdoored will be available May 31, 2018 for Windows PC via Steam in Early Access for $19.99.

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