TERA: Update presents the Attack of the Dragons

Gameforge and developers Bluehole have released the latest update for TERA, unleashing a band of powerful beasts of legend on the community. At the heart of the new ‘Attack of the Dragons’ release is the ruined entrance to the Harrowhold. Divided into four distinct phases, this 30-person raid pits players against the powerful ancient dragon Vergos and his evil spawn. The greatest challenge in Arborea to date will place epic demands on the players in terms of time, skill, coordination and teamwork.

Guild versus Guild
This summer the option of challenging other guilds to a contest of strength was temporarily disabled. Now that the system has been reworked it will be reimplemented, following hot on the heels of the guild wars for Velika. This patch will once again allow guilds to lay down the gauntlet and test their might against others virtually anywhere in the world of TERA.

Revamped Archer and Club Membership
‘Attack of the Dragons’ also brings an archer revamp, which includes various tweaks and changes to the class, alongside new skills such as ‘Find Weakness’ and ‘Chase’. In addition, the final zones in Arborea are now accessible to flying mounts, while perks of TERA Club membership have once again been improved.

About TERA
TERA is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) set in a graphically stunning fantasy universe. TERA’s uniqueness revolves around its groundbreaking True Action Combat. This system allows the players to truly master their characters and to aim with no automatic targeting system, thus pushing the boundaries of the MMO genre. Players and press both warmly received TERA, praising its state of the art visuals and notable innovations such as its political system. TERA has been playable free of charge since February 2013 and is available for download at tera.gameforge.com.


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