The Collider 2 Can Improve Your Life… Possibly

What happens when game devs try to make medical breakthroughs (or the marketing team run out of good ideas?) The story of John Sloe is what happens. Supposedly plagued with a rare disease whereby John’s reflexes are that of a sloth on tranquilizers, he sought help not from trained medical experts but rather from a bunch of people who make pixels on a screen go beep or boom. Obviously.

Yet The Collider 2, which launched earlier this year, proved to be an effective therapeutic treatment. Regular doses of the game helped John improve eye-hand coordination, train reflexes and even overcome general fatigue and apathy, albeit with a few odd side effects.

The Collider 2 is an arcade sci-fi game with built in VR support and is available on PC Steam for $4.99, €4.99 or £3.49 (50% off) until July 4th.

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