The Great Whale Road now available in Early Access

The Great Whale Road is a story-driven RPG with management elements in which you lead an early medieval clan in its fight against nature and foes through a historical game world. The game starts to retell the story of the Danes from Úlfarrsted and their adventures.

While the game begins with a Danish settlement, more cultures are planned to let the history of the 7th century AD come alive across a map of the North Sea, spanning from the lands of the Old Danes in the east to the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Northumbria and the Picts in the northwest.

Why is the game being released into Early Access?

“We have been working on The Great Whale Road for over a year now, and we don’t want to complete the game without players’ feedback. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we have the core mechanics in place and a team of artists and developers on board who are rowing hard towards the ambitious goals we have for The Great Whale Road.” Joachim Sammer, Co-Founder & Writer at Sunburned Games.


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