The Long Dark – Steadfast Ranger Update Now Live

The Long Dark has just received another update for its Survival Mode, bringing several new features to the game. Here is a quick overview of what to expect.

This update includes a range of new gameplay features and improvements to existing features, all of which are outlined in the video below

New! Revolver — A close-quarters defensive tool against hostile wildlife.

New! Birch Bark Tea — A slow-gain condition restoration item brewed from a renewable natural resource.

New! Energy Drink — Quick-shot Stamina and Fatigue boost, useful for getting yourself out of a variety of bad situations.

New! Improvised Cloth Wraps — Stave off Frostbite on your Head and Hands with these basic wraps.

Overhaul! Rifle & Shooting Gameplay — Completely overhauled shooting and aiming mechanics for the Rifle and other ranged tools.

Overhaul! Sprain System — Improved Sprain gameplay dynamics and first aid solutions.

…and much more.


NOTE: Please be aware there may be WINTERMUTE story spoilers in the changelist.

You’ll find the complete changelist for the Update below.

CHANGELIST v1.48 [47675]

Known Crash

* We are working with Unity to resolve a known, rare crash in the engine. This crash appears to only affect Windows players, although it may appear on other platforms. The crash seems to be a memory issue that is triggered by transitioning between scenes. We will release a fix for the crash as soon as we’re able to diagnose the root cause. In the mean time, we recommend you Save Often (in WINTERMUTE) or Rest Often (in Survival; Resting triggers a save). For more information, please refer to our Support Portal.

General Fixes

* General performance improvements across the game.
* Upgraded to a new version of Unity, enabling widespread improvements across the game.
* Fixed issue that restricted the game’s framerate to 120fps (on applicable systems).
* Streamlined the information appearing in players’ session output logs, to aid with support queries.

General Art

* [Enviro] Numerous optimizations to improve performance.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing the player to become stuck in the terrain.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues allowing the player to get outside the intended play area.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing objects to clip and float in the world.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing stretched or missing textures.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing lighting hotspots in the Bear Cave in WINTERMUTE Episode Two.
* [Enviro] Updated LOD to reduce popping on buildings and cliffs.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing hinges to appear on the same side for both exterior and interior doors.
* [Enviro] Updated transition zone entrance from Mountain Town to Mystery Lake to be more visible to the player.
* [Enviro] Updated flags to animate.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing unlit textures.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing Cat Tails to appear out of alignment during their animation.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing inverted snow textures on trees.
* [Enviro] Updated numbers on lock boxes in the Milton Credit Union bank.

User Interface

* [UI] Updated “Disable HUD” setting to remove object labels (useful for game footage capture).
* [UI] Updated various text localizations.
* [UI] Fixed various overlapping UI elements in all languages
* [UI] Fixed issue causing mission sub-objectives to overlap with the next line.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the “Archivist” badge to always appear as Complete.
* [UI] Updated various missing subtitles.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing a rounding error in Imperial Units when Melting snow.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing incorrect scroll bar alignment on the Stats screen in the Journal.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the Scent Indicator to not always appear on the Status screen.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the Radial Menu to inconsistently show the correct number of Light Sources in the Backpack.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing sub-objective text to overlap in certain Challenge Modes.
* [UI] Fixed issues causing the Stone ammo counter to be missing from the HUD.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the Milton Water Tower icon to appear in the wrong location on the Map.
* [UI] Fixed issue where the player was unable to add potable Water to the Radial Menu after dropping the Water and drinking from it.
* [UI] Added an Accessible Struggle option, allowing players to select between Tap to Win and Hold to Win options.
* [UI] Updated the Weak Ice indicator.
* [UI] Added a new Slope indicator to warn players when they are traversing slopes that are steep enough to cause Sprains.


* [WINTERMUTE] Made several updates to the Bear Spear encounters in Episode Two, including adding a checkpoint and streamlining the final Cave encounter.
* [WINTERMUTE] Polish pass on various cinematics and dialogues.
* [WINTERMUTE] Updated tutorials to reflect gameplay modifications introduced in this update.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed various issues with subtitle typos and timing.
* [WINTERMUTE] Updated description for the side mission “Basics of Survival: Find and harvest some medicinal flora native to Great Bear Island.”
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Milton Credit Union bank vault door to play a closing animation when reloading your game, if the player was standing in front.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing a black screen to appear if a dialogue pop-up occurred during a cinematic.
* [WINTERMUTE] Updated Medicinal Flora tutorial text with additional details for clarity.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed script issue where the Carter Dam Control Room door cinematic wouldn’t play during The Wounded Trapper mission in Episode Two.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to be pushed into another room when opening the vault door in the Milton Credit Union.
* [WINTERMUTE] Numerous updates to Wildlife pathfinding.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Blueprints to disappear from the Journal between Episodes One and Two. This fix is retroactive and will resolve it for players already impacted by the issue.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to become stuck in the floor if they loaded a game after saving it at the exact time the Milton Credit Union vault door was unlocked.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing overlapping text when hovering over a mission objective on the Map.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Jeremiah to clip through his bed when reloading a save at the beginning of Episode Two.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issues that allowed players to get on top of the burnt Schoolhouse in Milton.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the Bear Spear from appearing properly in the Journal after examining it.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to spawn in the wrong location if they reloaded a game saved immediately after the first Bear encounter in Episode Two.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to spawn in the wrong location if they reloaded a game saved while falling from a rope.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing mismatched values to appear for collected wood in the Journal, and when inspecting Grey Mother’s Firewood Bin.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Milton Knowledge Items in the Journal to update incorrectly.

Survival Mode

* [Custom Mode] Fixed issue causing certain combinations of Custom Mode settings to generate an invalid sharing code.
* [Custom Mode] Fixed issue causing incorrect container loot to appear in Custom Mode.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where Forging actions were not being interrupted when the Forge ran out of fuel.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing a partially-crafted Survival Bow to be usable if it was picked up while a completed Bow was equipped.
* [Survival Mode] Updated the Cold Fusion Feat description to properly reflect Air Temperature bonus.
* [Survival Mode] Updated medicinal Tea so it now acts like a First Aid item if a treatable Affliction is present. Otherwise it will still work as a Food item.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Archery Skill Bonus was not applying reduced Arrow Condition loss correctly.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing some lockers to display the “locked” icon incorrectly.

Challenge Mode

* [Hunted] Fixed issue causing the Old Bear to clip through trees when fleeing.
* [Hunted] Updated Deer carcass placement.
* [Archivist] Fixed issue causing the sub-objective to update incorrectly after collecting the Buffer Memory from the Milton Post Office.

All Game Modes

* [All] Fixed issue where the fade to black transition would not appear correctly when exiting to the Main Menu
* [All] Fixed numerous pathing issues in the world due to missing nav mesh.
* [All] Fixed issue where Water in the Backpack would be consumed when drinking Water from the Cooking Screen.
* [All] Fixed issue causing audio for feeding Wolves to play even when the player wasn’t near one.
* [All] Fixed issue causing chimney smoke to be visible when no fire was active inside a house.
* [All] Fixed issue causing ambient audio to cut off when entering a car.
* [All] Fixed issue causing the player to limp incorrectly after holstering a weapon while suffering from a Sprained Ankle.
* [All] Fixed issue causing the Storm Lantern extinguish animation to play after death, if players fell off a high cliff while holding a lit Lantern.
* [All] Fixed issue where the player was unable to extinguish a Storm Lantern if they opened the Radial Menu while placing it.
* [All] Fixed issue where “Worn Thermal Underwear” appeared as “New Thermal Underwear” in the Backpack.
* [All] Fixed issue that kept the player from fighting back during a Struggle if they were attacked while Repairing clothing.
* [All] Fixed issue causing muffled dialogue VO after firing a Rifle indoors.
* [All] Adjusted the amount on Condition decay on the Bedroll when it is left outside.
* [All] Fixed issue where the Wolf growl audio was missing in some scenarios.
* [All] Fixed issue causing absent wind audio when standing outside a cave entrance.
* [All] Fixed issue where the screen could become blurry during Wolf Struggles.
* [All] Added dialogue VO for quartering Wildlife.

Xbox One-Specific Issues

* [Xbox] Fixed issue where the game would no longer update information in the gamercard after resuming from standby.

Steam-Specific Issues

* [UI] Fixed issue where an incorrect mouse icon would appear when using left-handed mouse settings.
* [UI] Added scrolling with the keyboard arrow keys for the Buffer Memory screen interfaces discovered in-game during an Aurora.
* [General] Fixed issue causing graphical corruption when playing in OpenGL on an Nvidia GPU.

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