The Padre – an homage to the golden age of horror games

Good news “games-that-give-you-chills”’ fans! If you enjoy single player adventure horror games, this one is for you. The old-school roots of the game are a way to pay homage to classic games like Alone in the Dark or Resident Evil series. The voxel, Minecraft-ish graphics ideally blend the sentiment of past horror gems, with a modern take on many aspects of the game.

Play as the most bad-ass, pop-culture referencing priest within the video game industry and face an ultimate game over, if you make the angels cry you a river! But before you do so, don’t forget to watch the brand new teaser trailer below.

Once there you’ll get the chance to enjoy a perfect mix of horror and humour. The Padre always has a cheeky comment prepared, whether bloody tentacles from hell try to strangle him, or he rewrites a suicide love letter to ease a ghost’s fury, he just cannot keep his mouth shut.

You can find The Padre on Steam Early Access (, where it already gathered positive reviews, but only the upcoming full launch will be representative of what the developer envisioned. We’ve gathered feedback, we’ve tested the gameplay mechanics, now we’re ready to flex that (un)holy, fatherly muscles and bring you the best indie game of the year!


  • A horror-adventure paying homage to horror cult classic;
  • Play as a servant of god wittier and more badass than Garth Ennis’ Preacher and Uncharted’s Nathan Drake combined;
  • Solve the supernatural mysteries of an old guest house;
  • Make angels cry for your soul!

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