The road to Tankfest – in game contest

Stock up on Pudding and Tea – World of Tanks Console is going to Tankfest! Get ready to take your British tanks to battle, as we are looking for the highest base XP results across the following Tier groups: IV-V, VI-VII and VIII-IX. We will also have a group exclusively for the Tiger I, in homage of the Tank Museum’s Tiger 131 – the only operating Tiger tank in the world! For each group we have prizes for the top 25 on Xbox (both Xbox One and 360) and the top 25 on PS4!

Sign up at the link below to participate! To give everyone a better chance, players can participate in all Tier groups but will only be awarded prizes for one of them. The highest place taken in a particular group will define your prize.


From 20 JUN 2016, 00:00 (UTC)

Until 26 JUN 2016, 23:59 (UTC)

Use this Time Zone Converter tool to change UTC to your local time.


Be one of the top 25 Players with the highest Base XP (i.e., not including Premium Account or any other modifiers) in a single battle for the specified period, in any of the listed categories.


  • You must be playing in any UK vehicle from Tiers IV, V, VI, VII, VIII or IX, or in a Tiger I, for battles to count. Premium vehicles are not allowed. Platoons are not allowed.
  • You can use as many different tanks as you like, but pay attention to which category you want to focus on.
  • Scores are not accumulated. Only the highest score will be taken into consideration, but you can try as many times as you want! Premium time or any other XP modifiers will NOT be taken into account when determining your score.
  • To participate in the competition please signup here. Results will be drawn straight from the servers.
  • All prizes will be credited within 2 weeks of the end of the competition.
  • Players will only receive prizes for their highest placement (e.g., if a player gets 2nd place in the Tier IV-V category and 6th place in the Tier VI-VII category, they will only receive the prize for 2nd place).
  • Tie Breaker: The lower vehicle Tier wins.


  • 1st to 3rd Place: Tier VI Heavy Tank TOG II* + Premium Account Days ( 30 )
  • 4th – 10th Place: Tier V Heavy Tank Excelsior + Premium Account Days ( 15 )
  • 11th – 25th Place: 3 Garage Slots + Premium Account Days ( 7 )

For each category, there will be two separate winner lists: one for Xbox (Xbox One and 360 together), and one for PS4. Winner lists will be posted on the forums within 2 weeks of the end of the competition.

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