The Universim Steam Release Date Announcement

Crytivo has announced that their highly-anticipated Planet Management God Game, The Universim, will drop on Steam Early Access on August 28. Official pricing details have not yet been confirmed.

The Universim will be available on Steam, the Crytivo Store, GOG, and Humble this summer, with the possibility of more storefronts to follow. The game is currently being developed for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

About The Universim

Players take on the role of a god to guide a young species, called Nuggets, through the ages. The game begins on a procedurally-generated planet, filled with beautiful wildlife and dynamic weather. The civilization begins with two Nuggets. The ultimate goal is to help them evolve, expand, and survive all of the potentially disastrous events that the dynamic event system has to offer. The game will see players progress from the Stone Age all the way to the Space Era, and beyond. All of the stars in the sky will eventually signify other procedurally-generated planets that can be explored and colonized. However, each brings its own twists and challenges.

Key Features

  • Experience organic, living planets filled with life and character. Watch as entire worlds react to your actions.
  • Wield a diverse collection of godly powers and abilities. Mend, create, or destroy. Summon earthquakes, meteor showers, and tornadoes to punish unruly civilizations.
  • The Dynamic Research System allows evolution to occur naturally as you research new technologies.
  • Complex AI driven by realistic needs and behaviors. Creatures will pursue food, water, love, and rest. An innovative mood and trait system will make every creature feel alive and unique.
  • Progress through the ages. Start in the Stone Age with rocks and spears and advance all the way to the Space Era to begin colonizing new planets. Vibrant alien flora and fauna awaits.
  • Endure a wide range of dynamic events and brutal natural disasters.

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