The World of Tanks Blitz and Tank Girl Universes Collide

The Smasher—a brand-new tank—is ready to storm the World of Tanks Blitz battlefields. Designed by the legendary comic book artist behind Tank Girl, Brett Parson, this Tier VII heavy tank is a real collector’s item and definitely lives up to its name.

The Smasher has been custom-created for World of Tanks Blitz by Parson in the iconic Tank Girl-style. With a wealth of experience, Brett has become known for his crafting of weird and wonderful worlds, full of colorful and crazy characters that really come to life.

“Seeing Tank Girl head off for new adventures together with the million-strong World of Tanks Blitz community is amazing,” states Frederic Claquin, curator of ARTtitude. “By using the iconic Tank Girl-art style, I’d say Brett’s created a pretty unique-looking vehicle ready to dominate the virtual battlefields!”

Just like Tank Girl in her eponymous comic book series, the Smasher plays by its own set of rules: “Push, crush, destroy!” This heavy is an unavoidable force that boasts decent mobility and with a powerful cannon and high alpha damage, it’s ready to smash anything that stands in its way.

“We know that the post-apocalyptic setting is something our players really enjoy, and the Smasher really suits this scenery,” states Thaine Lyman, General Manager, Wargaming Mobile. “Working together with Brett was great, his art style and wealth of experience really has made the Smasher something special!”

The Smasher will be available from March 22 for two weeks.

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