Total War: ARENA Starts Open Access Event

Wargaming Alliance and Creative Assembly announce Total War: ARENA will be hosting an open access event starting 11:00 today until 11:00 February 12. Players worldwide can charge into battle as legendary commanders from history in this free-to-play team-based strategy game. New players who redeem the code EU server: TWAEUOW and for the USA server: TWANAOW  will earn 500 Gold and 7 days of Premium Account time to get started. Codes are valid for new players only until February 5, 10:00 Amsterdam time.

Thanks to the open access event, everyone marching for war can join the Immortals program. As an Immortal, they can secure and retain fantastic rewards for the open access event and beyond. Up for grabs are XP and Silver bonuses, plus unique customization options.

“We thought this open access event was a great opportunity to welcome more players into the game for the final stages of Closed Beta”, said Gabor Beressy, Total War: ARENA Game Director at Creative Assembly. “We greatly value player feedback, and the Immortals program is our way to reward Closed Beta players for their support.”

“We’re always looking for more players to enjoy Total War: ARENA,” said Evgeniy Shukin, Total War: ARENA Publishing Director at Wargaming Alliance. “This is a great chance for newcomers to easily get involved and have fun, while learning about the game’s deeper mechanics from veteran players.”

Total War: ARENA invites players to command legendary figures from history, such as Leonidas of Sparta, legendary Roman tactician Julius Caesar, and the vengeful Barbarian Queen Boudica. Build your armies, and lead them to glory across iconic and diverse battlefields from history. Unique combinations of melee, ranged, cavalry and artillery units provide a wealth of tactical opportunities.

All Closed Beta progress will be wiped when Total War: ARENA enters Open Beta. However, players will keep the Immortals rewards earned during Closed Beta.

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