Tourist Bus Simulator Will Launch on Consoles in May

Simulation experts Aerosoft are bringing the Tourist Bus Simulator to the next generation. The popular game, developed by German game development outfit TML-Studios, will be released for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in May. Tourist Bus Simulator is the first bus simulation to be released by Aerosoft for the current consoles – the game has been available for a while on PC and gathering a large and committed fanbase.

Tourist Bus Simulator offers beautiful and detailed recreation of the Spanish island of Fuerteventura, complete with roads, unpaved tracks, towns, villages and gorgeous beaches. The game is built in a 1:5 scale, so long bus tours in the MAN Lion’s Coach can be completed in a pleasant driving time. The bus is available in two sizes and different designs, fitting to the given tasks.

The game is a true and authentic simulation of bus driving, but has a management part as well: Players create their own bus empire. The broader the range of scheduled trips, hotel shuttles and sightseeing tours, the more passengers will be attracted. Players’ tasks include not only trips across the island, but also fleet management with regular maintenance of the vehicles and planning of the employees. Players can reinvest their profits in a variety of ways, for example by purchasing estates, expanding the vehicle fleet or hiring more employees.

By bus across Fuerteventura: 20 accurately recreated cities and beaches, as well as mountain passes, impressive sights and three ports await the bus drivers and their passengers. Hiding places and other unusual locations are there for players to discover.

Large vehicle selection: Behind the wheel of the MAN Lion’s Coach and Lion’s Coach C, players explore the Canary Island. Several thematically matching bus designs are available for the respective tasks. There is also an off-road and service vehicle.

Passengers and bus drivers on the road: At the individual stops, players have to pay special attention to the passengers getting on and off the bus. Between tours, the bus riders can get off the buses and walk around in the environment.
A versatile service – Only the best for passengers: Players offer their passengers a comfortable hotel shuttle service, taking them from the airport to the hotel and back. Scheduled trips transport tourists all over the island, while sightseeing tours allow them to visit the most interesting locations following a self-created route.
Extensive fleet management: From the purchase of new buses to stable WLAN connections and insurance policies – there is a lot to consider in a bus empire. Regular care and maintenance of vehicles is just as important as refueling buses for upcoming tours or a well-stocked parts store. Repairs and services can be done either in the company’s own workshop or in an external one. To provide more space for additional vehicles, the depot is expanded as needed. After long tours across the island, the vehicles are cleaned in the bus wash. To be protected in cases of emergency, players can also buy insurance for their company.
Employee management: New drivers, tour guides and mechanics have to be recruited for the steadily growing bus empire. At the same time, players assist their staff in finding apartments and look around for fitness centers and other free-time activities. Food and beverages are also important.
Buying houses: Players invest their earnings in apartments or even villas that can be furnished. Step by step, they achieve a higher standard of living in this way.
From beginner to professional bus driver: By performing well on the road, players gain more and more experience and level up.

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