Turn-based diplomatic RPG Overfall sails onto Steam may 17th!

Take to the open sea in Overfall as you race against time, and the enemy Vorn, to find the hidden citadel. Based around hand-crafted levels by Pera Games, and the community, Overfall is a turn-based RPG that mixes diplomacy, and classic Roguelike elements together for a freshly deep adventure.

Overfall sails full-mast into its final release next week on May 17th for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Overfall begins as you emerge from a dimensional voyage through time to a world vastly changed by war. Explore the archipelago world of Overfall and encounter races all with specific diplomatic goals, a wide variety of quests that change each playthrough, and character companions each with their own unique skills. The race to find the citadel is on and only through a conscious compliment of diplomacy and skill will you be victorious!

Overfall’s Story Builder was built in collaboration with writer Chris Avellone (Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Fallout: New Vegas) to offer players the ability to craft their own stories. Through community support, and feedback, Pera Games have simplified the process of developing your own tales even further, culminating in next week’s launch! Add your own narratives to an already vast array of stories built by Pera Games, and the community simply by giving the creation tools a go.

Pera Games have also created a Writing Style Guide to help budding writers create their own stories in the Overfall universe.

Read through Chris Avellone’s Writing Style Guide to learn more — http://overfallthegame.com/gamewritingstyleguide.html

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