Twitch vs. One Troll Army – Beat tinyBuild and the Game is Free

From Alex Nichiporchik, tinyBuild CEO and One Troll Army Producer:

Last January I genuinely thought it would take Twitch at least eight days to beat Punch Club. They did so in 36 hours. Fair enough. Time for a new challenge.

What if the challenge isn’t against AI? What if they are playing against us, live, in a defense style game? We’d give them all the tools to win – forming strategies, choosing targets, and of course dressing up their units in silly costumes – and knock the price down with every win they take. If they beat us, we release One Troll Army for free.

Announcing Twitch vs One Troll Army. If Twitch beats us, the game will be free. 

Unlike Twitch Plays Punch Club — where users played against the game — here they are going up directly against us, live.

  • Twitch Chat will control individual units in Twitch vs One Troll Army.
  • A ‘Stream First’ game, designed to be played with the audience.
  • We will play against them.
  • Users can assign costumes, and see their usernames in-game.
  • They directly control actions of units, attack strategies, targets, and more.

See an example of us playing against Twitch Chat from our PAX livestream.

Twitch vs One Troll Army – Event details:

  • We will give the chat 9 hours to beat us.
  • Tomorrow, Thursday May 19th.
  • Event and commands at:
  • 12am – 9am PT / 9am – 6pm CEST
  • Every time the chat wins a wave, One Troll Army’s price drops
  • It can go down to $0, in which case we release it for free
  • (the game will have DLC in the form of troll costumes regardless of if it’s free or not)

About One Troll Army

A tower defense-style game that puts you in the shoes of a giant troll protecting a fort. Gather resources, upgrade your fort, recruit workers, and fight off waves of enemies. Upgrading and micro-managing your troll unit is key.

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