Utomik announces Cloud Gaming, now also for Android

Utomik, the worldwide gaming subscription platform for everyone, announces the upcoming release of their cloud gaming apps for Android mobile and—as revealed in January—the Samsung Gaming Hub on Samsung TVs.

Since 2014 Utomik strives for accessibility with their gaming platform—counting over 1300+ curated games for all types of gamers to play right away, from the classics to indie games. Utomik has something for everyone in their ever-growing catalog! Their announcement of the Utomik cloud gaming solution therefore comes as no surprise, as it will make their games accessible on even more platforms.

On PC, the gaming subscription platform delivers a great user experience through its fast-download tech. Now with Utomik’s cloud gaming you can play on your Android mobile and tablet devices (720p) or on select Samsung Smart TVs (1080p). On top of all this, users can switch between devices and continue playing on their device of choice.

Thanks to strong foundations and the recent expansion to cloud gaming, Utomik holds a unique position in the market, being in the ultimate sweet spot in two ways: the utility provided by its cloud service and content in the form of games, and a multi-faceted business proposal as it has a presence in both the B2C and B2B markets.

Utomik: play anything, anywhere, anytime
Utomik officially reveals its ambitious plans to offer cloud gaming to users of the service starting mid-2022. The launch of the new Android app will bring this to Android mobile and tablet devices. The Android 9 app offers a subset of games that are suitable to play on mobile devices. In those areas of the world where 4G/5G, WiFi, or internet at home can deliver a reliable and enjoyable gaming experience, Utomik strives to make its cloud gaming service a reality.

CTO Mark Schroders is enthusiastic about this development: “The launch of the new Android app is an important milestone for Utomik. We wanted to build the app and the backend that we need to deliver a solid user experience, making games even more accessible. By using a novel blend of cloud gaming and file streaming technology we strive to provide an effortless gaming experience!”

Soon, Utomik will start a closed beta for a select group of users. Players in the beta can expect:
– Over 75 curated games, including titles such as Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, Call of the Sea, Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter, Coffee Talk, and Kingdom: New Lands
– Support on Mobile and Tablet devices with Android 9 and higher
– Closed beta availability will start in the United Kingdom and Benelux, and shortly after in North America and other regions, with the ambition to make the service available globally
– Sharing feedback with the Utomik developers to improve the functionality and performance of the app

It is Utomik’s goal to offer a great gaming experience in the cloud, allowing people to play whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, and on the device they want.

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