Uwe Rosenberg’s Le Havre: The Inland Port launches on Steam Aug. 29

A faithful adaptation of the board game, the Steam version of Le Havre: The Inland Port retains the gritty strategy, resource management, and harbor-building mechanics players loved in the physical release.

DIGIDICED’s conversions of two other Uwe Rosenberg games — PATCHWORK and AGRICOLA: ALL CREATURES BIG & SMALL — have now entered Steam Greenlight.

In Patchwork, players go head-to-head against quilters all over the world by laying down tiles of different shapes and creating a patchwork of sorts. As a patch is placed, each player moves a little closer to the end of the time-tracking board. Being “first mover” has its advantages, but racing to the end could result in a very rough quilt!

Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small is a competitive 1v1 ranch-themed board game. Players start by sending three workers to a nearby village market to acquire resources/livestock. Each of the 16 locations in the market serves a unique purpose — raising livestock, producing resources, or allowing players to purchase structures. Whether competing against one another or the CPU, players must use their wits to strategically place buildings and acquire (and manage) both resources and livestock. Whoever has the most animals after eight rounds wins.

Le Havre: The Inland Port will be available on Steam next Monday, August 29th, for only $6.99 — 30% off the $9.99 retail price. The sale ends on September 5th — one week after launch.

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