Versus Evil Showcases Award Winning Sequel and Newly Announced Games at REZZED

Leading independent video game publisher Versus Evil today announced their line up for REZZED which will include the soon to be released award winning sequel Banner Saga 2 on PC, a first hands on of newly announced Let Them Come on PC and mobile game Like a Boss. Versus Evil’s booth will be on the ground level in East Mall 3 of  the London Tobacco Dock.  REZZED runs from April 7-9th.

Details about the games being showcased include:

  • Banner Saga 2 is the sequel to the award winning and BAFTA nominated RPG/Strategy game The Banner Saga.  Continue on your epic journey as you lead your caravan across a beautiful yet crumbling world as you fight for survival. Every choice you make has a consequence and you’ll have to make hard sacrifices and sound choices in combat to continue on.  A new race, new heroes, enhanced animations and more strategic battle boards combine to give gamers an even more polished and immersive experience.  Banner Saga 2 for PC will release on April 19th, 2016 (followed by consoles later on in the year)
  • Let Them Come is a fast paced pixel art shoot ‘em up coming to PC and mobile devices.  Twitchy trigger fingers are order of the day as wave after wave of alien-like creatures try to take players down. Gameplay is simple to pick up but hard to master – only the best of the best will survive to fight another day.  With a variety of alien creatures to mow down and cool weapons to do it with, stylish retro backdrops and a hard rockin’ soundtrack, Let Them Come is a fast and furious mash up of aliens and space invaders on steroids.
  • Like a Boss! Unlike traditional MMORPG experiences, Like a Boss! turns the whole good vs evil concept around – instead of fighting the boss, gamers will PLAY the boss! Take control of a variety of evil-looking, upgradeable boss characters as they fight against up to 40 heroes at a time.  With each successful victory, use points to upgrade your boss and unlock new bosses.  Like a Boss will be coming to mobile devices later on this year.


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