VR music game Unplugged reveals partnership deals with legendary rock and roll companies

Vertigo Games, the VR specialist publishing and development arm of the global Koch Media Group, today announced that the VR music game Unplugged has partnered up with some of the most legendary guitar, amplifier and accessory companies in rock history, adding even more depth and realism in the game.

Coming to Oculus Quest on October 21, with a PC VR* release to follow later this year (*Valve Index Controller compatible headsets only), the following brands are an integral part of the Unplugged experience:
– EMG Pickups
– Gruv Gear®
– Marshall Amplification
– Orange Amps®
– PRS Guitars®
– Schecter Guitars®

The news follows shortly after Vertigo Games and development studio Anotherway revealed the full setlist of Unplugged. With a list of over 20 songs, consisting of world-famous rock bands and indie gems, and industry standard brands for Rock & Roll shown off in-game, Unplugged delivers a rock-solid experience that spans 50 decades of rock history. Having real-life brands in Unplugged perfectly adds to the game’s sense of immersion and first person perspective at what it’s like to rock out.

Jump on stage in Unplugged and rock out to some of the biggest and most insanely cool songs from world-famous rock bands, including The Offspring, Weezer and Ozzy Osbourne. Strap on your VR headset and use hand-tracking to play air guitar live on stage in front of ever-growing crowds. Pick from a selection of virtual guitars and amps to power yourself through an incredible rock journey. Match your fingers to the chords, strum the strings at the right time and become a rock legend. For the love of rock!

Become a rock legend: Perform your favorite rock songs on a live stage
Own the stage: Engage the crowd with the rock performance of a lifetime
Build your career: Unlock new songs and venues, and earn guitars and more
Rise to fame: Compete with others to become a leaderboard superstar
Three ways to jam: Start in easy mode, jam in normal mode and rock out in hard mode
Go on a rock journey: Experience 5 decades of famous rock songs, guitars, amps and more

Published by Vertigo Games and developed by Anotherway, Unplugged is coming to Oculus Quest on October 21, with a PC VR* release to follow later this year (*hand-tracking enabled hardware only).


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