Walking Dead Studio Skybound and Free Range Launch Labyrinth Into Early Access

In case you missed it, Free Range Games and Skybound Entertainment (The Walking Dead creator) have teamed up to create Labyrinth, a new kind of game that mixes a tactical RPG with a turn-based, party-momvement dungeon crawling and the deck building of a collectible card game (CCG). Now available for $9.99 in Early Access via Steam, Labyrinth has players battle on another, via customized decks, in a 3-D universe that allows you to see all your moves. Think of it as Final Fantasy Tactics meets Hearthstone.

Labyrinth is unlike any other game in that features the views of a third-person, turn-based dungeon crawler with tactical RPG elements that run on a tick system (no mana, shows how long until that character can make a move again), which are all controlled by cards. Gameplay is asynchronous so you can plan out moves on your own time and can sit back when someone attacks your dungeon (you get to watch a replay afterward to improve your dungeon).

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