Wargaming Heads to gamescom 2018 with Plenty to Show Off

— The biggest gaming trade show is nearing with over 350,000 public and business attendees ready to see the past, present and future of video games. Opening on August 21, 2018 for the media and August 22 for all visitors, Wargaming is ready to conquer the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany, with a 1000m²+ show floor with entertainment for all, including a stunning stage program, musical numbers, dancers, contests and more. This year is going to be big as Wargaming is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Throughout the booth, there will be a collection of games to get your hands on like World of Tanks PC and World of Warships PC, and get to grasps with the World of Tanks AR and VR projects!

gamescom and the Koelnmesse are like a second home for Wargaming where fans and players alike can meet. For the seventh year in a row, their gamescom booth will the entertainment hub of all Cologne during August. Visitors can get hands on time with both World of Tanks PC and World of Warships PC on high-end gaming stations powered by Steelseries, Intel NUC “Hades Canyon” and MSI.

This year, World of Tanks PC is launching a quest to find the SUPER TANKER. Each day, players will battle it out in a special gaming zone to be the “player of the hour”, “player of the month” and ultimately crowned “SUPER TANKER”. The lucky ones that place during this search for the best tankista will be duly rewarded with a prize of €10,000, thanks to our partner paysafecard. World of Warships is ready to take you aboard the Bismarck (not literally) in a new VR experience that will have those witnessing it, guiding planes to successfully land on your carrier.

For those wandering why to stop by the Wargaming booth at gamescom, there’s plenty of entertainment and goodies to be won. There will be presentations by various branches of the development team, raffles with thousands of valuable merchandising products from Wargaming and its partners and cool dance acts in between! Also, 50 Intel® Core™ i7-7700K CPUs will be up for grabs throughout gamescom.

The multinational speed metallers, DragonForce, are gearing up to play and headline this year’s Wargaming 20th anniversary party, held on Thursday 23rd August in DIE KANTINE!
This year’s event is a celebration of 20 years of Wargaming but that doesn’t mean they’re not looking to the future; two projects that will evolve tanking on PC are ready to be shown off! First off we have World of Tanks VR.

World of Tanks VR is a virtual reality incarnation of Wargaming’s jewel in the crown. Players will be able to engage in VR tank battles whilst first-hand witnessing the dramatic scenery. Put in the control of the Soviet medium T-44-100, users will be able to take part in 2 to 4 local-player or 4v4 cross-location deathmatch. Cross-location gameplay is available across 37+ locations of Neurogaming’s PlayVR network.

Finally, with World of Tanks AR, you will be able to see replays from the game, in-engine, as if the tanks, battle and map were physically on the table in front of them. All the graphics will be the same as the high-end graphics World of Tanks’ ‘Core’ engine is capable of giving. It’s definitely taking the modern wargaming back to its roots, the tabletop!

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