Wargaming’s Caliber Sets Sights on Europe

Caliber, the third-person tactical shooter from 1C Game Studios and Wargaming has today announced a new and exciting phase of testing in Europe.

After making successful European landfall at Gamescom last year, the team is proud to announce that CBT signups are now open for all European players.

With rigorous testing in CIS that included a closed beta and subsequent OBT, Caliber now boasts more than a million registered players who have played over 53 million battles – thrilling tacticians with its unique team-based action gameplay. Prizing communication, coordination and concerted strategy – Caliber lets teams of four take on AI-controlled operatives in the PvE Spec Ops mode or challenge themselves against other four-strong teams in PvP.

Each team is made up of four different operator roles:

  • Assault: Effective at short to medium distances. Perfect for those who favor an aggressive playstyle.
  • Support: Provides cover fire for allies. A heavy weapon lover’s dream.
  • Medic: Supports allies in the midst of battle. Ideal for anyone who likes to give a helping hand.
  • Sniper: Long-distance fighter. Suited for those who can make a single shot count.

With each team made up of unique operator roles, where players are able to choose from accurately designed national special forces (including Poland’s GROM, the US Navy SEALs and the Kommando Spezialkräfte of Germany) – Caliber challenges players to think about skill balance and battle plans before taking the fight to the enemy.

For Caliber, the move to European testing represents the next successful step in the title’s development, and developers are excited to give CBT sign-ups the opportunity to support this ambitious game.

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