We The Force to bring udder madness to PlayStation 4 and Steam this year with Kim

Independent video game developer We The Force announced today that its new sci-fi, action-platform game Kim will come to PlayStation 4 and Steam this year. With lighthearted dialogue and robust gameplay, Kim will have players battle hillbilly famers, government agents and meat lovers in a quest for bovine independence. Those interested in a first look of Kim, as well as We The Force’s first and upcoming game Randall, can try a hands-on demo at the Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston April 22-24.

In Kim players take control of Kim The Avenger Cow in a quest to lead the bovine uprising and show humans that cows are now the supreme animals. A freak accident gives players superhero bovine powers that they’ll use to blast enemies, with Grade A milk, on their way to overthrowing mankind. Gamers must also use their platforming prowess to battle multiple enemies and bypass puzzling challenges all in a humorous setting.

“At We The Force we never take ourselves too seriously and we think this mentality allows us to create fun and engaging games that showcase everything we love about video games,” said Hector Amavizca, Director on Kim. “With Kim we’re continuing this tradition and combining a lighthearted theme with robust gameplay that will both challenge players and make them laugh. After all, how can you not laugh when you’re playing as a cow that shoots milk from its specialized udder gun?”

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