WG Labs Goes Futuristic With New Game Hybrid Wars

WG Labs is excited to announce the next game in their growing portfolio: Hybrid Wars. Developed by Extreme Developers, a game development studio from Miass, Russia, Hybrid Wars brings the nostalgia of classic, top-down shooters of the ‘90s hurtling into the future. You fight for the highest bidder as a mercenary travelling the world at the bidding of megacorporations, obliterating anything standing in your way.

Hybrid Wars exemplifies the pick-up-and-play nature of classic games, where dozens of diverse battle machines and eclectic equipment let you wreak maximum havoc on robot-kind. How you make that mayhem a reality is up to you: control power bombers, assault mechs, tanks, boats, and attack helicopters to fully control the battlefield. With three distinct heroes at your disposal, each with their own strengths, there are countless ways to conquer seven open-world warzones and over 50 enemy types. Switch mechs and weapons on the fly to change up your style to face each challenge, and even bring along a cute mech pet to watch your back. Hybrid Wars’ different modes, from story to survival, give you new ways to take on the world.

“Extreme Developers grew out of a passionate bunch of Quake fans, who met while programming and exchanging mods,” said Andrei Gruntov, Global Publishing Producer for Hybrid Wars, WG Labs. “We believe they were exactly the crew we need to enter a competitive sphere within the niche of top-down shooters. Their missions were to bring something new to the genre, and what we ended up with is a title where fast-paced, frantic and, most importantly, fun destruction is the name of the game.”

“Everyone at Extreme Developers have always been inspired by the success of Wargaming,” said Denis Sidorov, Head of Extreme Developers. “When we heard about WG Labs, we sent our project along and were thrilled at having the opportunity to work with a really transparent and helpful team. Their publishing expertise and collaborative nature has made our journey a truly exciting experience.”

Hybrid Wars will be a mid-priced digital download released for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in 2016, distributed through Steam and GoG.

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