Win an exclusive World of Warships Bambook

The year 2017 is over and 2018 is alive and kicking! Which also means a lot of incorrect dates on the forms in the first two, three or four months. In other words, we need to help you guys out these months. That’s why we are giving away 1 of the 55 World of Warships Bambooks Basically, it’s a notebook and a whiteboard in 1. So if you made some errors, just while them away and write it down again.

And you can be the lucky winner of 1 of the 55 World of Warships Bambooks that where made, a real collector’s item for the World of Warships fans!

What do you need to do to win this? Only one thing: follow us on Twitter.  After that, you just need to wait until January 12th to see if you have won!

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