World of Tanks Console Update 3.1: “Vive La France” Coming Soon

Bonjour, ça va? Ça va très bien!! In Update 3.1: Vive La France, we’re celebrating the arrival of new French vehicles (including the AMX 30 branch on Xbox), stormy map variants, improvements to existing features and more!

New French Vehicles

FCM 36, Renault R35, Souma S35, SARL 42, Renault G1, AMX 30 1er Prototype, AMX 30 B

France’s arsenal expands with its selection of light and medium tanks. Some of you might recognize a few of these as low-tier German Premium tanks — that’s because many of them were captured during WWII.

However, the real gems lie at tier IX and X, where the AMX 30s will soon give the German Leopards a run for their money!

French Tech Tree on PlayStation 4


Renault FT, D1, Hotchkiss H35, AMX 38, AMX 40 (quack), AMX ELC bis, AMX 12 t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90

Early pre-war light tanks from France were sluggish and equipped with thick armor, making them oddballs on the field. That changes in the middle tiers, when they finally lighten their armor and embrace firepower and mobility.

At higher tiers, French light tanks are among the best at running and gunning!


D2, Lorraine 40 t, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

There’s a noticeable lack of medium tanks in the French line, and that’s due (once again) to the paradigm shift in armored warfare. After the war, armor importance dropped significantly, with speed and firepower being the best defense.

The “Bat.-Chât” is a favorite among high-tier players for its high burst-damage, acceleration and top speed. On the other side, the AMX 30s performs better as a sniper.


B1, BDR G1 B, ARL 44, AMX M4 mle. 45, AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50 B

FCM 50 t

French heavy tanks have always packed a punch, but it’s their armor value that routinely lets them down. This doesn’t improve until the middle tiers. The ARL 44, for example, combines deceptive sloped armor with a host of gun options, providing a few play styles to choose from.

The AMX 50 series is a roster of high-tier offensive juggernauts, displaying great strength and relative quickness.


Renault FT AC, Renault UE 57, Somua SAu-40, S35 CA, ARL V39, AMX AC mle. 46, AMX AC mle. 48, AMX 50 Foch, AMX 50 Foch (155)

FCM 36 PaK 40

Ever visit a freak show? If you did, you might have seen SAu 40 or UE 57. France’s low-tier destroyers are as odd as they come, but they can still carry the fight with their respectable guns.

At higher tiers, they learn lessons from the Soviets and Germans by introducing sloped armor, thus increasing their survivability in the heat of battle!


Renault FT 75 BS, Lorraine 39L AM, AMX 105 AM mle. 47, AMX 13 105 AM mle. 50, AMX 13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 mle. 50, Lorraine 155 mle. 51, Bat.-Châtillon 155 55, Bat.-Châtillon 155 58

France’s artillery vehicles perform well in all the key qualities of the class, but don’t always carry the largest-caliber guns, yet that means they can cover ground quickly. They’re also smaller than their artillery counterparts, resulting in better-than-expected camouflage values.

It wouldn’t be France without an autoloader in the line, and you get just that with the Bat.-Chât 155 58! This tier X menace carries a four-round magazine for releasing a barrage on any position within your reach. Impressive stuff!

New Map Variants: Erlenberg – Blizzard, Steppes – Sandstorm

Two console-exclusive battlegrounds feature all-out storms! And it’s not just for show — storms will hamper your view and signal range, and increase the rate of particle accumulation! This means that you’ll have to be closer to the action. Stay safe out there!


Erlenberg was once divided by an unforgiving river, but now it’s a frozen highway! Use this unbreakable ice to take cover, or cross into enemy controlled territory!


You could always count on Steppes being a map with great visibility. Not anymore! A ferocious sandstorm cuts down on your sight, so scouts will have to move in closer for successful recon. Several new art technologies were implemented on this map, making the sandstorm as real as they come.

Erlenberg – Blizzard

Steppes – Sandstorm


Let’s be real here — taking heavy war machines up hills isn’t always pleasant. We’ve updated Dragon Ridge with raised valleys to reduce hill climbing, and introduced entire new areas. Dragon Ridge will still feature rugged mountain ridges and bamboo lakes, but you’ll spend less time moving up, and more time moving forward!

Solid Camouflage: British and German Vehicles

This has been a player request for some time now. Solid camouflages were some of the most used camo patterns during WWII, as they were the most basic and simplest to create. Vehicles from Germany and the United Kingdom are the first to get these! (Note: not all German and British vehicles can apply these new camo types).

German Desert Camo

UK Summer Camo

Additions to Spectator HUD and Team Training Rooms

New additions to the Spectator HUD and Team Training Room filters.

Team-Colored Tracers

New Team Training Room Map Selection

Update Notes

Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~4.6GB / Xbox 360: ~1.5 GB
PlayStation 4: ~3.5 GB (system will show ~24 GB, but only required files will download)

View platform specific update notes here:


  • Web Store – You’ll be able to purchase bundles from the World of Tanks Console website. All bundles available (except Gold). More info to come
  • Expanded “Team Training” room filters and options
  • Additional functionality added to the Spectator HUD
  • Bring up a player’s profile from Spectator HUD (Xbox: LB/RB; PS4: L1/R1) to select the team. Highlight the player’s name and then press “A” (Xbox) or “X” (PS4)
  • Red and blue beam tracers added for spectators
  • Red and blue camouflage skins can be activated for spectators
  • Added solid tan desert camouflage for German vehicles, solid green summer camouflage for British vehicles (some vehicles cannot equip this camouflage)


  • Dragon Ridge: New terrain and layout of environmental props, borders expanded out, updated map ambiance audio. Spawn adjustments for Standard and Team Destruction
  • “Erlenberg – Snowstorm” and “Steppes – Sandstorm” added


  • Replaced background image and key art
  • M10 Wolverine: now has a package with an upgraded engine (Ford GAA R)
  • New help screen added to the “Stats” tab


  • Based on player feedback, added a small animation to the download bar (in Garage and Launcher) to convey a download is still in progress
  • Changed sniper view on “Motherland” so the gun takes up less space on the screen
  • Adding “plays up to tier: #” text even when the tank has no Crew in it
  • Training tanks swapped out – (Target Practice: FCM 50 t Liberté, Driving Practice: AMX CDC, Live Fire: T26E4 Freedom)


  • Fixed “Server Selection” in the launcher
  • Fixed missing collision volumes in levels that prevented tankers from accessing previously blocked off areas and areas where vehicles could get stuck
  • The last played vehicle is now properly selected when returning to the Garage from a battle or queue
  • Fixed an issue where some players were dropped from the server at “Gathering Information…” when Operations or Store bundles were updated
  • Fixed missing icon for the KV-220 in the “Stats” tab
  • Ties in Team Deathmatch are now properly resolved. When both teams have an equal number of vehicles left, the team with the highest total hitpoints remaining wins
  • Team Training room owners can no longer reduce the vehicle or type limit below the number currently in the room
  • Marks of Excellence for German vehicles have been reverted to their original form
  • Fixed an issue where Gun Rammers weren’t available on select Artillery
  • Fixed hundreds of minor issues on SD/HD vehicles: exhaust FX node placement, destroyed state textures and models clipping


  • 113: fixed missing exhaust ports on HD model
  • Alecto: fixed firing animation
  • AMX CDC: fixed antenna texture
  • ARL V39: fixed fire FX node placement
  • Black Prince: fixed track spacing to prevent Z-fighting
  • Conquerer: fixed track model and turret texture issues
  • FCM 50 t: fixed camouflage not applying to certain parts of the chassis. Fixed Z-fighting on wheels
  • IS-8: fixed gun textures and LoD settings in SD
  • Löwe: fixed front wheels
  • LTTB: fixed camouflage tiling
  • M10 Wolverine: fixed track spacing
  • M3 Grant: fixed animated attachments that were clipping into SD chassis
  • M48 Patton: fixed wobbly wheels in SD
  • M46 Patton: fixed turret texture issues in SD
  • M4A3E2 Jumbo: removed animated attachments that were placed over rear vents. Fixed obstructed sniper cam when using the M4A3E2(105) Late package
  • M41 Bulldog: camouflage removed from wheels
  • M7 Medium: fixed clipping issues in sniper cam. Fixed incorrect tracks in SD and wobbly wheels
  • Matilda: fixed camouflage tiling in SD and turret model
  • Matilda Black Prince: fixed wobbly wheels
  • Medium Mk. 3: fixed wobbly wheels
  • T-54 “Motherland”: changed sniper view so the gun takes up less screen space
  • Object 212: fixed wobbly wheels
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV A: fixed track model issues
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV H: fixed turret model issues
  • Pz.Kpfw. V/M10: fixed camouflage issues
  • Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger (P): textures are now correct on HD turrets. Fixed fender smoothing in HD
  • St.Pz. I C: fixed Marks of Excellence
  • SU-85: fixed chassis texture issues
  • SU-122A: fixed muzzle flash direction. Fixed chassis and gun textures
  • Sturmpanzer II: fixed tracks clipping with chassis
  • T-127: fixed wobbly wheels
  • T-54 first prototype: fixed track model issues
  • T-62A: fixed track clipping issues with the chassis. Fixed LoD settings in SD
  • T110E5: removed extra animated attachment in SD
  • T110E4: fixed gun barrel texture
  • T1 HMC: fixed firing animations
  • T18 HMC: fixed chassis and track texture issues
  • T26E4 Super Pershing/Freedom: fixed gun texture, and inscription placement.
  • T26E4 Freedom: fixed issue with flag
  • T34: fixed deformed wheels
  • T32: fixed turret texture issue in SD
  • T3: fixed low poly gun barrel in HD. Fixed wheel textures
  • T82: fixed wheel issues. Fixed low poly gun in HD
  • Type 58: fixed camouflage tiling in SD. Fixed Marks of Excellence


  • Adjusted voice over to correctly notify when an ally has been team-killed


  • Abbey: covered up jagged terrain where vehicles were getting stuck and made minor adjustments to props
  • Dragon Ridge: fixed instances of trees and bamboo clipping through buildings
  • El Halluf: adjusted placement of props
  • Erlenberg: adjusted scaling of props
  • Fisherman’s Bay – War!: fixed misaligned and floating objects
  • Fisherman’s Bay: minor scaling and placement adjustments to fence props
  • Ghost Town: fixed texture seams on terrain
  • Ghost Town: adjusted physics regions to prevent access to unintended areas, and smoothed parts of terrain geometry to fix areas where vehicles were getting stuck
  • Highway: adjusted placement of trees so they fall over completely
  • Himmelsdorf: added gates around trees placed on sidewalks and minor adjustments to props
  • Himmelsdorf: minor adjustments to smoke FX
  • Karelia: adjusted terrain decals near capture points
  • Karelia (Assault): fixed a spawn point that started a vehicle on top of a rock
  • Live Oaks: adjusted physics regions to prevent access to unintended areas
  • Mountain Pass (Summer): adjusted placement of trees so they can fall over closer to the terrain, fixed floating boulder, and adjusted all props that previously had snow material
  • Mountain Pass: adjusted a couple of awkward spawns
  • Murovanka: adjusted scale and placement of select bushes
  • Northwest: fixed texture seams on terrain
  • Pacific Island – War!: removed a destroyed vehicle where tankers were getting stuck
  • Port: adjusted physics region around buildings to keep vehicles from clipping
  • Prokhorovka: adjusted terrain decals, made minor adjustments to props
  • Province: removed duplicate collision meshes on destructible cars
  • Proving Grounds: fixed an issue on Abbey that was causing the match to end prematurely and fixed missing vehicle names
  • Proving Grounds: timer running out on Arctic Region will result in defeat
  • Proving Grounds: added a few extra cover spots inside the cap circle on Himmelsdorf and the enemy AI will capture base if tankers are AFK
  • Proving Grounds: adjusted older spawns on Karelia which caused some matches to not end. Adjusted enemy AI spawns
  • Proving Grounds: Assault (Offense) – fixed AI attack phase when driving to the NW corner
  • Sacred Valley: multiple bug fixes with terrain seams, misaligned props, and decal placement
  • Sand River: adjusted placement of select props, removed floating props that do not fit the terrain shape, and removed instances of ground effects floating above terrain
  • Steppes: re-added missing spawn points
  • Swamp: minor adjustments to props
  • Tutorial Mines: fixed texture seams on the terrain, and adjusted placement of woodwells
  • Westfield: adjusted physics region around buildings to keep vehicles from clipping into them, and adjusted placement of some props.
  • Westfield (Assault): adjusted one spawn point which was too close to another
  • Westfield: minor adjustments to terrain decals and re-added a few props
  • Widepark (Encounter): Team 2 spawn point moved for balance

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