World of Tanks: Mercenaries Update 4.10 brings players feedback to life

World of Tanks: Mercenaries is ready to kick off the summer with its latest Update 4.10. The update includes new in-game content, interface adjustments, tank customization, and much more. With the new Exact Armor Value Indicator, Commanders will no longer be guessing how much armor their vehicles have. Each highlighted armor plate will now display the exact amount of armor it has, instead of a range. No more guessing for the players means more tactical elements to use!

Fans will also enjoy this updates additional Camouflage options for Czechoslovakia, Italy, USSR and Germany. Players will be able to take the new collection for a spin in the adjusted Map Rotation and face off on more equal terms, thanks to the new Tank Balance Changes.

In other tank news, Wargaming is happy to introduce its latest tanks, the Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P) and the ELC Even 90. Sporting thick armor and a powerful 128mm gun, The Mauerbrecher will be available only until June 10th. This tank is a double threat – with heavy armor to shield your team, and a gun capable of dealing 440 damage per shot will result in the fun of driving a heavy tank with great fire power! Available only until June 11th, The ELC Even 90 is a light, mobile tank with excellent fire support. Tank commanders will find these new tanks really expand the tactics available on the battlefield.

Furthermore, players can welcome back a very popular game mode in its latest update to Commander Mode. Available from May 21st through to May 27th, this limited time mode will once again provide an action-packed RTS mode for ambitious players who love strategy and tactics. Enhancements consist of improved controls including revamped mouse and keyboard controls, additional tanks, new methods for tank possession, the introduction of the new Berlin map, and more.

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