You get away in a gondola and escape to sea in Gondola Chase

Gondola Chase is a free and simple, yet exciting gaming app. There are no complicated rules or long, boring games, but rather the fun of the quick manoeuvring of a gondola at sea. Gondola Chase is available for both iOS and Android. You can play the game on a phone or tablet in both portrait and landscape modes. Nimbleness and manoeuvrability are the most important aspects of play.

The Story
You are an escapee from a maximum security prison island. You get away in a gondola and escape to sea. Don’t get caught by the pursuing police or else: GAME OVER!

Seem too simple?
Wrong! During the chase you’ll be able to use ‘boosts’ and ‘TNT’ to evade capture by the police! The longer you manage to stay away from the cops the more points you’ll get. Nimbleness and quick reactions are a necessity! The longer you remain free the more points you’ll get. With those points you can unlock boats in the ‘boatstore’. There are different kind of boats for example: jetski, canoe or surfboard. Every boat has its own speciality! Gondola Chase gives you an adrenaline kick and is a real energy boost. You won’t be able to stop playing.. Have fun!

Creators and designers of the game
The idea for Gondola Chase came from Dante Lint (20) and Erik Bruil (20). Both are second-year students of ‘Small Business & Retail Management’ at the Hogeschool Nijmegen. The game was developed by APPelit, a company that develops mobile applications and websites. Gondola chase is published by BELD Games.

Curious about the game? Check the iOS version or the Andriod version.

Gondola Chase

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